Welcome to RTG Training and Performance!  We aren't your ordinary gym.  We don't have equipment that you just come in and use.  You aren't just paying a membership fee and no one has a clue if you've been in to the gym in weeks or not.  WE ARE A TRAINING GYM!!  We offer a high quality service to meet the need of a different kind of client.  The client who is looking for results.  The client who is looking to be a part of something bigger and better.  RTG is always modifying our training programs to bring you, our loyal members, the best and latest in fitness.  We could go on forever about how wickedly awesome our gym is, but you have to just try us on to see if we fit first! There are no words that can explain truly how different your life will be once you become a part of our gym.  You won't look back. 

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